Nude Dolly, Est. 2014

Nude Dolly is my 4th etsy shop I've opened, but I currently only have two active shops open, where I sell fun novelty apparel. I started my etsy ventures when I wanted to sell my handmade jewelry online. That shop did just okay- there is so much competition on here, so the jewelry was a hard sell. That shop was more of a way to pay for my jewelry making hobby. In 2012 I was engaged and as I was searching for unique wedding pieces, I realized- 'I can do that!' That is when I started my pride and joy, Prim and Proper Boutique ( ). Prim and Proper was originally just a little business for me to make some money to help pay for the wedding, and I had no clue it would turn in to such a success and make me "real money". I made enough money when I originally launched it, that I got to buy my dream dress from Monique Lhuillier, my dream shoes by Christian Louboutin, and my dream venue at the Four Season, Bora Bora. Unfortunately two months before the wedding, I found out my fiancé of 6 years was cheating on me so I obviously called off the wedding. BUT with all that behind me now after three years I'm so thankful for the road that all took me down. I would have never had the idea to start a wedding shirt shop that would be able to support me and is my dream job! The majority of my revenue comes from that shop, where I have over 11,000 customers and 2,700 five star reviews. Prim and Proper focuses on wedding/bachelorette themed apparel. But like most entrepreneurs, I wanted the thrill of starting a new venture. I really wanted to make funny and sassy shirts, which is when I started Nude Dolly in 2014. It's been so much fun creating these fun shirts. I love when my friends and family are like, "hey, you know what what be a good shirt idea?!". It's fun brainstorming these shirt designs. I really love what I do and am thankful for all of the customers who support my small business!

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Prim and Proper Boutique and Nude Dolly are more than just my full time job; it's my life. I am the sole owner and operator, and sometimes that comes with its challenges. Luckily I am single so I am able to devote 100% of my time to my business and my customers. Being able to financially support myself from this business is a dream come true. It definitely fits my personality to be able to work from home and for myself. Sometimes working for yourself can be difficult because you have to be disciplined and very structured in order to succeed. Time management is also very crucial. When working, I spend about 10% of my time answering customer emails, 10% on packaging and shipping, 75% on making the products, and 5% on miscellaneous things that need to get done. One of my biggest challenges is probably getting people to understand this is a full time job. Most people think I'm just sitting in my house doing arts and crafts, but really there is much more to it. Majority of people have a job where they are responsible to fulfill a single role, but I have to perform ALL roles of a company, just on a smaller scale. i.e. marketing, sales, customer service, shipping, inventory, web design, product design, R & D, etc. And like other self employed people, the stress of needing your company to succeed so you can pay for health insurance and contribute to your retirement can sometimes weigh heavy on me. However, I believe my determination and drive will continue to grow the success of my shop.

I would never be where I am today without my mom. Sadly she passed from cancer when I was 24 and never got the opportunity to see my business, but I owe her everything. In 1987 she adopted me from S Korea and raised me in San Jose, California. In that alone, I am so lucky and grateful. She sent me to the best private schools in the Bay Area and opened every door she could for me. My mom was a high school teacher and could sometimes be overly strict, but as I get older I am pretty pleased with how I was raised. She taught me to treat others the way I want to be treated, which is also a rule I live by when conducting business. I make sure to treat customers exactly the way I would expect to be treated as one. Even when I get the more difficult requests from customers, I make sure to treat them with respect. Every time she would drop me off at a friend's house while I was growing up she would say "Mind your Ps and Qs". She said it so much to me that I even opened my 4th Etsy shop called Mind Your Tees and Qs, where I sell funny shirts (now called Nude Dolly- ) . I've been through a

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